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About Course

Workday HCM training can make people have an edge over others in Human Resource Management, Recruiting, workforce planning, talent management and many more. It is a smart decision to go for Workday HCM training if you are in Human Resource sector. Sikakollu IT Online provides comprehensive Workday HCM Certification training course with much practical exposure that makes you fit for a position you desired to be in.

Who can learn

Workday HCM does not require any prerequisites, but a Human Resource Management degree or basic knowledge of the payroll; HR policies etc. could make an edge over others.

Qlicksense Course Curriculum

Core Concepts and Navigational Basics

Core Concepts and Navigational Basics

Organizations in Workday

  • Create a Supervisory Organization.
  • Create Subordinate Organization
  • Additional Organization Types and Hierarchies
  • Organization Assignments on Supervisory Organization.

Staffing Models

  • Hiring Restrictions
  • Differentiating Staffing Modes
  • Selecting a Staffing Model

Jobs and Positions

  • Job Profiles
  • Differentiate job profiles, job families and Job Family Groups
  • Creating Positions and Headcount Groups


  • Compensation Components
  • Compensation Segment Security
  • Compensation Rules
  • Compensation Reports

Security Groups

  • Security Group Types
  • Configurable Security
  • Functional Areas, Securable Items and Security Policies

Business Processes

  • Business Process Framework
  • Business Process Configuration Options
  • Business Process Functionality
  • Business Process and Sub process

Transactions in Workday

  • Create a Pre-Hire
  • Hire Process
  • Staffing Movements
  • Termination


  1. Report Writer overview.
  2. Developing Simple, Advanced Reports.
  3. Advanced Field Calculations
  4. Aggregations based on Primary and Secondary Business Objects.
  5. Data Source Security and Report Field Security.
  6. Report Management Security Domains.
  7. Scheduling reports.
  8. Developing Matrix Reports.

Integrations/Core Connectors

  1. Integration Architecture Overview
  2. Integration cloud Connect.
  3. Integration System templates.
  4. Core Connector: Worker.
  5. Integration Services in Core connector.
  6. Change Deduction Procedure in Core Connectors.
  7. Integration business Process.


  1. EIB Overview
  2. EIB Design Pattern
  3. EIB Limitations.
  4. Workday Public Webservices overview.
  5. Workday Reports-as-a-Service
  6. Developing an Inbound EIB.
  7. Developing a Outbound EIB.
  8. Custom Report Transformation.
  9. EIB Features.
  10. Loading Customer Transactional Data into Workday using EIB’s

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