About Us

About Us

Welcome to Sikakollu

Sikakollu IT Solution was started in 2018 as a start-up by a bunch of young IT professionals with the fundamental purpose to attract and deliver business requirement revolving around High-end, High-skill technology requirements and application integration needs by industries across various verticals from banking to pharma to many more.

Since our initial launch, we have ventured out into multiple activities including technology trainings. Our trainings are focused around offering high end technology topics currently in high demand in the marketplace.

Our Story

A Little About Us

Started out in 2018 by team of young IT professionals, Sikakollu IT Solutions was the brain child of Mrs. Saranya An Engineer by profession, Mrs. Saranya is a entrepreneur by heart and jumped on to the start-up bandwagon when a opportunity to set a company came along. Sikakollu IT solutions was set up to address the industry needs for High end technology solution on the web and cloud environment.

Our Mission

To make people accessible to high quality training on the latest and the advanced New age technologies solutions.

Our Vision

To embark on a mission of providing high quality training and career guidance on advance technologies of immense potential

Our Values

Remain committed to our core mission and vision and be true to our words and offerings. Ensure quality in all our delivery.

Our Story

Why Choose Us

With our commitment to quality and on time delivery on all our promises both on the training and the consulting front, we offer our services upholding our mission and vision at the core of all our interaction with customers.

  • High skilled technology talent pool
  • Experienced training team with immense industry experience.
  • High quality delivery at reasonable price range.
  • Ability to execute global delivery of applications and resources.

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